"Please, Stop my Laser!!" is a game where you control a dangerous robot with a laser that won't stop, and try to self-destruct as quickly as possible.

Control: Mouse or gamepad
You can move using the left stick on the gamepad, or by clicking the mouse and heading towards the cursor's position.
Right click or press the A button to view the entire stage. However, you cannot control the robot while doing this. Right click or press the A button again to return to control.


  • Equipment such as monitors, pods, and boxes can be destroyed to cause explosions that deal large damage to the robot you are controlling. However, it will not be effective unless you get close enough to receive the blast.
  • Guard bots will attack your robot with guns, but they are very fragile, so be careful not to break them.


Used assets :


Game by yumehiko
Music by tsukihiko

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Good Game with a good idea.


It's an interesting and different concept and I'd like to see it more fleshed out, but it doesn't really feel like there's any challenge at the moment.

Like if there were things you have to avoid destroying, or a time limit to finish each level in, or something like else along this lines, it would be a lot more interesting to play and might also fit the concept better.

Thanks for all the great suggestions. You are right, I had an idea to emphasize the theme of not breaking, but after modifying it to more strongly align with Mini Jam's Limitation, I settled on the current form. When I have more time, I will produce it as a new title.


This is pretty polished, nice job!