W, A, S, D — Move.
Mouse Click (Hold) — Move your allies.
F — Interact.
Tab — Pause and Sound Config. 

The king is the one who wears the crown. Do not let him die.
If you rescue the "Kururin" that are trapped, they will become your friends.
Kururins are tough, so even if they down, they will come back to life when you go down to the next floor.

Pocket - How many items you can have.
Heal - Every time you go to the next floor, you and your companions heal by a number.

The more Kururin you gather, the stronger you become.
Choose the right items and Kururin to make your army stronger.
If you can afford it, bring back some treasure to increase your score.
However, the treasure has no effect.


Game Design, Art, Program : yumehiko

Music : komekami

Sound Effect : tsukihiko


I am not a native English speaker, so some of the translations may be strange. 


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreAction, Card Game
Made withUnity


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i got 4900+. it was a really cool and great game.