Control : Mouse only


“Battle of Windows” is a game in which you try to save the life of Windows 2000 from a computer virus.

Various viruses approach from the right side of the screen.
When the viruses reach the left side of the screen, the OS is damaged.

The player fights the viruses by summoning windows that attack the viruses so that the OS is not completely destroyed.

Every 30 seconds the level increases, increasing the maximum mana of the player.
On the other hand, viruses also increase the threat, increasing in number and variety.

There are four types of ally windows, and at first only two types of windows can be summoned. As you level up, you can summon higher-level windows that consume more mana.

Fight as long as possible and aim for a higher score.


Game by yumehiko
Music by tsukihiko & komekami

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsTower Defense


Download 31 MB


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i like the peaceful music while im getting overun by laser beams and big red X-s


really cool! got 10,660! 


Really impressive game.


got 34700, fun game!!


Got a score of 21430, I’m not so good at tower defense.

But the design is very cool!


Its good but my guys get one shotted?

(4 edits)

The weakest Window has only 2 HP. This means that even the weakest enemy attack can only be withstood once.

It seems a little too difficult in the beginning, so I set the HP of the weakest Window to 3.

The second Window (wall) cannot be attacked but is highly durable. Make good use of this.