You are a producer of the TV show "Bad Guy TV".
In the show, the heroes and the Bad Guys fight each other.
It is up to you to decide how much viewership your show will get.


- Every time a guest hero reaches the right end of the screen, you can choose to add a new Bad Guy or start a boss fight.
- When you finish the boss fight, the day's show ends.
- Warning! In the unlikely event that your guest hero falls, you'll have to pay a hefty fee!
- At the end of the show, you will be paid according to the ratings for the day.
- Viewers like close battles. It is a good idea to have the boss battle end just before the guest hero falls.
- You can use the Tab key to pause and adjust the volume.


The rating increases in the following cases :
- When a critical hit occurs.
- When an attack misses.
- When the Bad Guy the audience wants to see appears.
- When hero's health is low.
- When a hero defeats a boss.

- Critical ignores the block chance.
- Block also prevents Lifesteal.

Your reward is determined by the number of Bad Guys hero has defeated x ratings.

Used assets :

Ultimate Sound FX Bundle
Pixel Font - Tripfive
- Pixel Mobs

Staff Credits :

Hero Art, BackGround Art, Game Design, Graphic Design, Programming   by yumehiko
Music   by komekami

Thanks :

Translation Advice : PineberryFox, MoosDruide13, ShatteredReality

Made withUnity


Download 9 MB

Development log


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Very interesting and so addictive!


much fun!


Cool mechanic! Great presentation, too! I wasn't able to get my ratings over around 45%. Any advice?

Deleted 1 year ago
(1 edit) (+1)

edit: Game was rebalanced since that comment was written.
Witches are basically free rating boost as long as you can one-shot enemies, so get them whenever possible and also avoid getting slimes. Crabs and heads are also undesirable. Once your hero reaches about 55% HP go for boss. I was able to get a little over 100% rating with a warrior. 


I cant believe it this game... this game is the best one I have player by far.. I've rated alot of these games.. This is so much fun and feels like i could buy it for like 5$! Add a little more characters and release it on steam and mobile! I think this would be a great free game on like mobile and then add adds for rewards in the game and you'll be making money! GOOD JOB!